Asian Short Clawed Otters

Asian Short Clawed Otters

 –  Aonyx cinerea – 

Our Asian Short clawed otters are brothers named Splash and Gizmo.  Asian Short clawed otters are  the smallest of the world’s otters.  They are  equally at home in the water and on land. The Asian short-clawed otter can be distinguished from other otters by its small claws and the incomplete webbing between digits.  These tiny claws are used like hands to play with and handle food and toys.  The Asian short clawed otter has a small head, short legs and flattened tail, creating a streamlined shape  that can swim easily through the water.

Fast Facts:

  • Asian Short Clawed Otters are considered to be the most vocal of the 13 otter species.
  • Rice farmers are tolerant of small-clawed otters since the otters feed on crayfish that can damage rice fields. Fishermen train otters to drive fish into nets.


  • Habitat: Rivers and Streams
  • Where in the world: Asia
  • Food: meat, shellfish, nuts, vegetables,
  • Maximum Size: 61cm (plus tail)
  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable