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Aquarium Unveils Jungle Room

August 19, 2013

Hastings Blue ReeMarley the boa constrictorf Aquarium has unveiled a new Jungle Room – home to a host of exotic reptiles from around the world.

Among the reptilian residents of the new attraction will be Terry, an eight-foot-long coastal carpet python, bearded dragons Geraldine, Phyllis and Agnes and a newly-donated boa constrictor named Marley.

The display also features a royal python known as The Professor as well as Macklot’s pythons and Jamaican boa constrictors.

The Jungle Room will build upon the aquarium’s already hugely popular ‘meet the creatures’ encounters which take place three times a day, giving visitors the chance to face their fears and get hands on with the reptiles.

The new area also includes a series of other interactive activities for younger visitors and an educational display cabinet containing a selection of shark teeth, coral, shells and sea urchins.

Blue Reef’s Chris Ireland said: “This is the first phase in an ongoing development programme and will allow visitors to come face to face with some of planet’s most exciting and unusual reptiles.

“There will be special talks and meet the creatures’ encounter sessions which will provide people with a fascinating insight in to the world of the reptiles and we’ll also be showcasing the individual stories and personalities of the snakes and lizards,.

“Reptiles are one of the most misunderstood groups of animals on the planet. They have been around for millions of years and are perfectly adapted to their environments.

“Hopefully this new area will help people to see them in a different light.” he added.

Future plans for the Jungle Room include the addition of a variety of exotic insect and spider species and it will also become home to the aquarium’s resident frogs as well as Noel, their veiled chameleon.Bearded dragons