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December 11, 2013

Clownfish and Underwater Christmas Tree at Blue Reef Aquarium

Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium is really getting in to the ‘Fish-mas’ spirit with a series of festive fun events starting this weekend Saturday, December 14th).(Visitors to the Towan Promenade attraction will be greeted by a special festive-themed clownfish display which comes complete with underwater Christmas tree, baubles, a mini sub-aquatic Santa and even gift-wrapped pebbles.

The award-winning aquarium is also running the ’12 Fishy Days of Christmas’ quiz trail – Those that get 12 correct answers will be entered into a free draw to win a year’s family membership.

Based on the famous yuletide rhyme, the fishy version includes everything from ‘a puffer fish in a coral tree’ to ‘seven seahorse swimming’!

There will also be a Merry Fishmas craft table where younger visitors will be able to create their very own ‘Santa Claws’ and ‘Seahorse angels’ tree decorations.

Blue Reef’s Jenni Smith said: “At weekends one of our giant edible crabs will also be joining in the festive fun by demonstrating live the awesome crushing power of its mighty claws with the help of a selection of walnuts.”

In the wild the crabs use their huge claws to crush shellfish like whelks and mussels as well as sea urchins. They also use them in fights with other crabs and often end up losing them although they do re-grow whenever the crab next moults.

“In the run up to Christmas we’ll be offering some of our fish some festive treats in the form of turkey for the piranhas, cranberries for the giant gouramis and sprouts for our veggie fish in our tropical ocean display,” added Jenni.

Blue Reef Aquarium is open daily from 10am (closed Christmas Day only).