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Real or Fake: Can You Guess Which of These Creatures Actually Exist?

October 7, 2020

Think you know all there is to know about the deep blue? Put your knowledge of the seas to the test with our tricky real or fake ocean creatures quiz.

Despite huge advances in modern science and technology, our oceans continue to reveal their secrets. It’s thought we know more about the solar system than we do our seas, and every day, countless new species are discovered beneath the waves.

It’s almost impossible to fathom the diversity of life which exists in the deep. Our seas and oceans host some of Earth’s most peculiar creatures, some of which appear as if from another planet.

To prove just how strange some sea creatures are, here, we’re challenging you to take our ‘real or fake’ quiz, in which you’ll need to identify actual species from some we’ve made up. The variety of odd animals beneath the waves means our quiz is much trickier than you might think, so don’t let the odder-sounding animals fool you – because anything’s plausible in the ocean’s depths.

Think you have what it takes? Jump straight into the quiz below…

How Did You Score?

So, did you sink or swim? So far more than 2,000 people have taken the quiz and the average score was right down the middle – 6/12. If you managed to score top marks, then great work because only 5% of participants got all 12 right!

We did a little digging into which age groups know the most about life under the sea, and it turns out Gen Z (18-24-year-olds) were top of the pile – averaging 7/12. Sadly, the Baby Boomer generation (55+) didn’t fare as well, but still got 5/12 on average. Gen X (40-54) and Millennials (25-39) were bang in the middle, both averaging 6/12.

The trickiest of the fake creatures were the Bullhead Wrasse and the Ghost Piranha which were correctly identified by only 26% and 27% respectively. The most surprising of the real creatures was the Banana Eel – only 1/3 of participants knew they were the real deal. 

If you’ve tried the quiz, we’d love to hear how you got on, so share your results over on the Blue Reef Aquarium Facebook pages (click here for Hastings, Newquay or Portsmouth).

From megamouth sharks to psychedelic frogfish, the diversity of life beneath the waves is simply staggering. And, there’s still so much more to discover – from new, never-before-seen species to exciting new research on some of our best-loved and most iconic marine life.

If you’re fascinated by the seas and oceans and are keen to improve your knowledge, a visit to Blue Reef Aquarium gives you the chance to encounter rare species and gain a deeper understanding of life beneath the waves.

For more information about Blue Reef Aquarium’s incredible array of marine life or to book your tickets, visit the homepage.