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Turt-ally Turtles

April 1, 2014

From 5th to 21st April at Blue Reef Aquarium we are going Turt-ally Turtles with all things turtle. Including an awesome trail, crafty table and a chance to win a family ticket.

Find out the fascinating story of Omiros our rescued Loggerhead Turtle.  With daily talks and feeds you can come and get to know this loveable creature.  Discover amazing facts like did you know Omiros can hold his breath for up to 4 hours?  It is also a great time to find out about our pioneering rescue work.

 There is also a chance to meet his little friends in our Terrapin Encounter at the minicroc display and learn all about how these guys ended up living in with the Dwarf Caiman Croc’s.

Then come and meet Neville our pig nosed turtle whose species has been nominated in the top 100 ugliest animals…….. but we think he is beautiful.  You can discover why the pet trade and Traditional Chinese Medicine Trade is putting this amazing creature at risk.

As well as meeting all our friends of the turtle ilk you can take part in our awesome Turt-ally turtle trail and find out cool facts like what was the largest turtle that ever lived? You can also get all artistic and crafty at our turtle-tastic craft table and make some designs based on all your new turtle knowledge.

Another amazing fact is female sea turtles will return to the same beach they where born on to lay their own eggs.  So look out for a nest of turtle eggs in the Aquarium and have a go at guessing the number of eggs, you could just win a family ticket.