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Turt-tally Turtles at Blue Reef This Easter

March 25, 2013

Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium is celebrating the amazing world of the turtle throughout the Easter holidays with its ‘Turt-ally Turtles’ event.

There will be daily turtle talks and feeding demonstrations, conservation programmes and a host of other turtle-themed activities and events.

In addition to providing a fascinating insight into these mysterious creatures, the event will also highlight the plight of marine and freshwater turtle species around the world.

In recent years Blue Reef has won international acclaim for its pioneering work with stranded sea turtles having successfully rescued, rehabilitated and released nine loggerhead turtles.

“Many people don’t realise that sea turtles sometimes wash up on Cornish beaches and can be stranded at any time of year so we want people to look out for them,” said Blue Reef’s Jenni Smith.

“As well as relating the stories of the turtle rescues that we have been involved with we will also be putting on extra talks and tours and visitors will be able to find out about the amazing life history of our resident rescued sea turtle Omiros,” she added.

Omiros was rescued by Archelon – the sea turtle protection society of Greece – after being discovered blind and entangled in fishing nets with old head injuries caused by fishing gear.

As he was unable to hunt or feed due to the severity of his injuries the decision was taken that he could not be released back into the wild and staff at Blue Reef volunteered to provide him with a permanent retirement home.

The aquarium is also home to a variety of freshwater turtle species that were seized by Customs after having been illegally imported into the UK and re-homed after their owners could no longer care for them properly.

“We’re hoping the combination of talks, exhibits, fun activities and live specimens will really help to bring the amazing world of turtles to life for all our visitors over the Easter Holidays,” said Jenni.