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August 29, 2013

Aquarists at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium are putting the finishing touches to a revamped nursery area – which aims to further boost their captive breeding programmes.

The Towan Promenade attraction is renowned for its success with a number of species including sharks, rays, clownfish and seahorses.

The re-themed nursery will also allow visitors to watch baby sharks, seahorses and other aquatic newborns grow and develop before they are transferred to larger displays or transported to other UK aquariums.

A selection of native species, collected locally during the aquarium’s Seashore Safaris, are also on display in the nursery including prawns, plaice and wrasse.

Blue Reef’s Paul Strachan said: “In recent years we have had a lot of success breeding various species of both native and tropical sharks and rays as well as seahorses, jellyfish and clownfish.

“In the past much of this work would have gone on behind the scenes in our quarantine area but these displays allow the public to follow the progress of a variety of captive-bred species in purpose-built tanks

“As well as providing a safe home for newborns, the displays also serve as excellent breeding tanks where would-be fishy parents can get on with the business of making babies without the distractions of other species.

“It also means we can adapt the tanks to provide ideal breeding conditions for a variety of different species,” he added.

At the moment the nursery is home to clownfish, seahorse and a number of as-yet unborn sharks and rays wriggling inside their eggcases.