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June 11, 2013

From clownfish to seahorses, staff at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium are paying tribute to some of the aquatic world’s best dads as part of a celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th. Special talks and tours throughout the day will draw attention to the aquarium’s hardest-working piscine papas. And, to celebrate Father’s Day, Blue […]


May 27, 2013

Visitors to Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium will be able to come face to face with more than a dozen different species of sharks and rays as part of their Shark Week event (May 25th – June 2nd). As well as coming face to face with living members of the shark and ray family ranging from […]

Turtally Fearless!

April 29, 2013

Forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this has got to be a candidate for the world’s bravest – or should that be most foolhardy – hero in a half shell. It’s called a map turtle, but if this image is to be believed it may be seriously lacking a sense of direction. The freshwater turtle […]

Bizarre Baby Boxfish arrive at Aquarium

April 6, 2013

A pair of bizarre baby fish which resemble armour-plated boxes and spit water when they’re hungry have gone on display in a special nursery tank at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium. The exotic species is also known by a bewildering number of different common names including the humpack turretfish, the hovercraft boxfish and the camel cowfish. It […]

Aquarium Awash with Baby Sharks

February 28, 2013

Keepers at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium are caring for nearly a dozen tiny sharks after an unexpected baby boom. The baby catsharks have all been born within the space of a few weeks and are being looked after in a specially constructed nursery display. So far aquarists are looking after six newly-hatched sharks with several […]

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