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Salute to Savings; Top Portsmouth Attractions with Defence Discount

Why is Defence Discount popular in Portsmouth?

Did you know that Portsmouth is the home of the British Navy?

The first Naval dockyards were built here in 1194 and Portsmouth is still home to two thirds of the fleet!

According to Portsmouth City Council, at the last estimate over 37,000 people living in Portsmouth qualify for a defence discount and were members of the armed forces community. This includes either currently serving, a veteran, reservist, or immediate family’s members of – that is about 18% of the population! With such a long military history it is no wonder that a lot of Portsmouth’s top attractions offer defence discounts to military personnel . Here is a rundown of our top 5!

The Hovercraft.

As well as a long military history, Portsmouth is the only place where some people commute to work on a Hovercraft! The hovercraft from Southsea to the Isle of Wight first started running in 1965 and has been ‘flying’ people over to the Island ever since. The Hovertravel to the Isle of Wight offer an exclusive defence discount is available for all active Armed Forces and Veterans (with valid ID) travelling across the Solent. Follow the link to learn more!

Hovertravel offer a defence discount

The D-Day Museum.

On Southsea seafront is an amazing museum dedicated to the D-Day landings of the second world war. The D-Day Story is the only UK museum dedicated to telling the events of June 1944, a significant moment in history. The Normandy landings remain the largest seaborne invasion ever seen and a turning point which marked the beginning of the end of the Second World War.
The museum includes access onboard Landing Craft Tank 7074, the last surviving LCT to take part in the Normandy campaign. Sherman and Churchill tanks on board alongside recreated crew quarters bring the experience to life. Climb the stairs to the gun deck for views across Portsmouth and the Solent to the Isle of Wight. It’s not surprising that they offer a defence discount on admission for any serving UK military personnel as well as free admission for WW2 veterans.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

At Portsmouth Historic Dockyards you can uncover secrets long thought lost at sea. The dockyard reveals the true story of heroes past and present. Attractions within the dockyard include the Mary Rose Museum, HMS Warrior, HMS Victory, and Action Stations. They offer defence discounts for both active and retired service personnel.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyards offer a defence discount

Spinnaker Tower

Dominating the Portsmouth skyline is the Spinnaker Tower. This 170-meter tower in the heart of Old Portsmouth offers a 10% defence discount to members of the Armed Forces. It is also offered to Veterans and Armed Forces Community with a Defence Privilege card

Spinnaker Tower offers a defence discount

Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth

From stingrays to clownfish and everything in between, you’ll get up close to a huge array of sea life at Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth. The aquarium displays are teeming with incredible creatures from across the World. From colourful corals to playful clownfish there is so much to discover around every corner! At the aquarium’s heart is a giant tropical reef tank that is home to hundreds of brightly-coloured reef fish. Visitors are able to get up close to these creatures and see life from the fishes point of view. During the summer, families can take a break in the outside play area and splash pool. We are very proud to offer a discount for serving and retired members of the armed forces. 15% off for up to 6 people, book online here to make the most of this offer.

Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth offer a defence discount

Portsmouth truly offers a wealth of attractions that cater to all interests and budgets. Many attractions extend their gratitude to our military personnel with special defence discounts. From exploring the historic ships at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, to taking in panoramic views from the iconic Spinnaker Tower, there is no shortage of experiences to enjoy. For a truly immersive underwater adventure, Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth stands out as a must-visit destination. It provides a unique and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to explore and save with your defence discount card in Portsmouth!

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