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January 5, 2015

The annual stock-take takes place from Thursday 8th until Thursday 22nd January at Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium with their own version of a ‘fishy census!’ During the two weeks, Blue Reef is inviting visitors to volunteer to help spot and record the number of certain species including tropical fish, sharks, frogs and rays.

The experts at Blue Reef will then do an official check and the child who most accurately reports the population of the animals will win a free full year’s child membership to the aquarium.

Blue Reef’s Jenna MacFarlane said: “January has traditionally always been the time of year when we do an official check on all our stock numbers. We thought it would be a good idea to involve the visitors in the whole process as well and turn it into a fun activity that everyone can take part in. Obviously some creatures will be rather easier to count than others; the sharks are usually fairly straightforward, although there are a number of species that like to spend much of their time either hidden among the rocks or under the sand. Tree frogs can be a little tricky as they’re very well camouflaged and anemones are always something of a guesstimate as they reproduce by dividing so one can quickly become two!” she added.

“From the hidden world of UK waters, Blue Reef, Portsmouth transports visitors to the spectacular ‘underwater gardens’ of the Mediterranean and the stunning beauty of tropical waters – home to everything from seahorses and puffer fish to living corals and tropical sharks. At the aquarium’s heart is a giant tropical ocean tank where an underwater walkthrough tunnel offers incredibly close encounters with a huge range of exotic coral reef species.

More than 45 naturally-themed displays reveal the sheer variety of life in the deep from native sharks and rays to the cute otters and colourful reptiles and amphibians!


Issued by Blue Reef. For more information please contact Adam Makinson or Jenna MacFarlane on 02392 875222.

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