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School Trips

School Trips

Blue Reef aims to take children on a journey to explore the drama of the British coast, the underwater gardens of the Mediterranean and the dazzling beauty of a spectacular coral reef. Over 40 living displays reveal the sheer variety of life in the deep; from sharks and lobsters to seahorses and tropical fish.

A Blue Reef Educational Visit Offers;



• Rockpool Encounter – A chance to get up close to some of our more sturdy Rockpool creatures that we have here on site.

• Shark Workshop – See some genuine Shark Artefacts at close hand; learn all about different types of shark and whether they deserve their man-eater reputations?

Curriculum Themes – Blue Reef welcomes more than 40,000 school children each year making it one of the largest marine-based educational resources for schools and colleges.

Every visit can include a guided tour or practical workshops with a member of our aquarist team. These tours are adapted to the age and abilities of each group.

Themes include:

–          Food chains – What’s eating you?

–          Pollution –  It’s a dirty business

–          Myths and Legends – Fantastic  Creatures

–          Habitats – Home Sweet Home

–          Camouflage – Masters of Disguise

–          Hunters

We can also tailor tours to your specific requirements.  Please call us on 02392 875222 or email us HERE for prices and more information.