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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

2017 Blue Reef Events Calendar

Jurassic Shark: July 26th – September 3rd

Join us for a summer of shark fun! The entire summer is going to be dedicated to these amazing animals, some of which we can see in our very own  local seas. The aquarium will take a journey through time and date back to the prehistoric times and reign of the dinosaurs. Learn and see how animals have evolved over the years and what types of species still have very prehistoric features. The aquarium will be joined by a whole host of special guest who will provide interesting talks and presentations on these spectacular creatures.


Home Educators week: September 11th – September 15th

A specially designed week for home educated children. Learning will be made fun with a wide variety of worksheets to cover Maths, Science and English. Daily presentations will be available for free where the children will be able to learn about habitats, evolution and survival traits of our animals.


Beach Clean: September 17th

Our seas and beach areas need to be kept as clean as possible to ensure the marine life have the best living conditions. Come on down and help our staff scour the Southsea seafront for rubbish to help keep our local area clean.


Weird & Wonderful: October 21st – October 29th

Visitors will be treated to a spooktacular event at the aquarium for the October half term. Discover disgusting facts and stories about the strangest animals housed at the aquarium and take part in a grisly animal tour.
Countdown to Fishmas: December 9th – December 10th

Weekend full of festive arts and crafts including Christmas tree decorations and cards. Get into the spirit of Christmas and start early on your house decorations.


On Board and Face your Fears! December 23rd – January  3rd

Have your witts about you as we enter the world of a board game to celebrate the re-release of Jumanji. Take our very own board game trail through the aquarium and face your fears at a number of stations along the way.