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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

2017 – 2018 Blue Reef Events Calendar

Santa Claws: December 23rd – January 7th

Join in the festivities this winter for Blue Reef’s Santa Claws event. From comical Hermit Crabs to fiery Shrimp, this exciting event offers a fascinating insight into the incredible world of Crustaceans. Meet the Moults in our Crustacean Workshops, join in our Crab Encounters, or simply pinch a quiz sheet from reception to discover all about these amazing armour-plated creatures.


Home Fishkeepers Weekend 20th & 21st January

Whether you’ve been keeping fish for years or are simply thinking about starting the hobby, this weekend provides the perfect opportunity to have all your questions answered by our experts. Subjects covered will include fish compatibility and responsible pet ownership, maintaining a healthy aquarium and the latest in new technology. Blue Reef will be joined by Special Guests including Pets at Home, Maidenhead Aquatics, and Fish Science who will be demonstrating how to set up a tank at home, as well as answer questions about maintenance, feeding, or anything else you’d like to know about being a Home Fishkeeper.


Fishtastic Favourites 10th – 18th February
It’s the season of love, so Blue Reef is celebrating all their Fishtastic Favourites!
Shaped around the Blue Reef Team’s favourite animals, this event showcases some of the much-loved aquarium residents for all their quirky and unique characteristics.

From friendly Pufferfish to resourceful Hermit Crabs – Fishtastic Favourites highlights all the different ways to fall in love with nature.

With brand new talks, quizzes and activities, you can discover all the exciting ways that the Blue Reef animals capture the hearts of the team and visitors.

Don’t forget to have your say on the voting polls – do you share a Fishtastic Favourite with the Blue Reef team? Or maybe you’re already head over gills with one of the aquarium’s animals!

Whether you’re Otterly smitten with the welcoming Rays, or fascinated by some of the oceans most intelligent fish friendships – come and find love at Blue Reef and decide your Fishtastic Favourite this February half term.

Coral Conservation Weekend 17th & 18th March
More details of this event coming soon…

Toxic Terrors 30th March – 15th April
More details of this event coming soon…

Claws Weekend 5th – 7th May
More details of this event coming soon…

Tropical Treasures 26th May – 3rd June
More details of this event coming soon…

Predators Weekend 16th & 17th June
More details of this event coming soon…

Jurassic Shark 25th July – 3rd September
More details of this event coming soon…

Monsters Week 20th – 28th October
More details of this event coming soon…

Please check here again soon for more details of our 2018 Events!

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