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Aquarium celebrates shark birth

September 4, 2015

Marine experts at Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium are celebrating after the successful hatching of a British shark. It’s the first time a Bull Huss shark has been born at the Southsea attraction and the tiny baby – measuring less than 12cm in length – is doing well. It was born after an eight-month incubation inside […]


August 19, 2015

Visitors to Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium will be able to enjoy close encounters with weird and wonderful crabs and lobsters from around the world as part of their ‘Claws – Incredible Crustaceans’ event this weekend (August 22nd – 23rd).   From comical cleaner shrimps and hermit crabs to giant lobsters and mighty edible crabs this […]

Rare Banggai babies born at Blue Reef Aquarium

August 10, 2015

A rare species of fish that is found in only one place in the world has given birth for the first time at Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium. The tropical fish – which is black and white with long fins – is a species of cardinalfish and is found only on the coral reefs of the […]


June 15, 2015

A pair of rescued frilled dragons are settling in to their new home at Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium. The bizarre-looking lizards, which inspired one of the most famous scenes in the film ‘Jurassic Park’, get their name from their large neck frills. When the lizard feels threatened, it produces a startling display; gaping its mouth, […]

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