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5 Places to Spot Wild Otters in the UK

April 11, 2019

Few animals among Britain’s native wildlife are as endearing as otters. Following a period of serious decline between the 1950s and 1970s when the species was driven to near extinction in some areas, these water-dwelling mammals have made a comeback in every county in England and beyond. Keep reading to find some of the best […]

The Big Blue Easter: 6th – 22nd April 2019

April 11, 2019

We know you can’t wait to find out what’s inside your eggs this Easter… But wait until you discover what’s under the sea (and our roof!) from 6-22 April. Our Big Blue event has more going on than you can shake a barnacle-covered stick at. Dive right in and discover a world of underwater wonder. […]

What can you do to help protect our marine environments?

March 10, 2019

What can you do to help protect our marine environments? Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth strives to help the environment, and we encourage all of our visitors to do the same. Take on board our top tips below, and don’t forget you can always get in touch for more advice on how you can help. Reduce […]

Monsters Week 20th – 28th October

October 18, 2018

Daily Talks & Activities Come face to face with some of the fiercest underwater animals this October half term for MONSTERS WEEK! You’ll learn all about the grisly residents of our oceans and debunk myths about those that just have a bad reputation. Get stuck into the fun with competitions, quizzes, workshops, and more! 11:00am […]

6 of the Scariest Sea Predators

October 15, 2018

All around the world, the seas are filled with fascinating creatures of every colour, shape, and size, and you can find them everywhere from shallow waters all the way to the Mariana Trench. With such a diverse range of marine creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s some creepy crawlies and truly spine-tingling predators lurking in […]

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