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Are Sharks Endangered? Answers to Your Questions About Sharks

July 3, 2018

Are sharks endangered? How many species are there? How do sharks hear? Are sharks mammals? If you’ve always wanted to know more about these fascinating marine animals, here’s a little helping hand. Impress your friends and family with your knowledge of these (often misunderstood) underwater creatures – these are the 10 most commonly asked questions […]

Top 7 Most Poisonous Water-Dwelling Creatures

July 2, 2018

There’s no two ways about it: our planet is a dangerous place. In order to survive in hostile habitats, some marine creatures have developed defence mechanisms that are much more direct and deadly than paws and claws. So next time you’re frightened of a tiny house spider, remember that there are far scarier things at […]

5 School Trip Ideas to Inspire and Educate

June 21, 2018

Your teaching may need a little extra ‘something’ from time to time, because sometimes, reading from a textbook just doesn’t cut it – no matter how much energy and enthusiasm you put into it. Taking your pupils out of the classroom is a great way to teach them more about the important fundamentals in science, […]

7 Fish That Live on Portsmouth’s Shores

May 16, 2018

Portsmouth is one of the most popular seaside towns in the country, fact! But did you know that our shores are heaving with coastal creatures that you may or may not have seen or even heard of? That’s right. Thanks to our convenient location on the shores of Port Solent and a large harbour, we […]

Conservation: Tips and Facts

May 13, 2018

You’d be surprised how easy it is to help protect the environment by changing just a few things in your daily routine. Check out our easy tips to find out how you can help natural habitats, animals and the general environment in your area (and beyond!). Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Reducing your carbon footprint is […]

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