A Master of Disguise is coming to Tynemouth

A Master of Disguise is coming to Tynemouth

We have some very special new additions coming to Blue Reef Tynemouth.

We have some amazing new arrivals coming this weekend. Come along and meet our new Cuttlefish.

These amazing animals are closely related to octopus and squid and share some of their spectacular traits.

Master of Disguise

Cuttlefish are known for their amazing camouflage. They are able to change the colour and texture of their skin to match their environment.

They use this ability to avoid predators and surprise their prey.

So make sure you look hard, they may be hiding in plain sight.

See them First

Be one of the first to see our new collection of cuttlefish and visit us this weekend.

Don’t forget, if you buy your tickets online you can save 10% on admission cost.

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