Flashlight Fish have arrived at Blue Reef Tynemouth

We have some mysterious new arrivals at Blue Reef Tynemouth…

Deep down in the pacific ocean live flashlight fish. These amazing creatures live in complete darkness and can only been seen by their glowing cheeks.

The Flashlight fish is characterized by two bean shaped torch-like organs under its eyes containing bio-luminescent bacteria, which the fish can turn on and off by blinking.

A nocturnal species, the Flashlight  fish avoids sunlight and seeks prey in dark areas. It feeds primarily on zooplankton. Individuals can be found in large schools during moonless nights in the shallow water of coral reefs and in the open surrounding water.


These fish live in deep dark waters, so use their lights to communicate, attract prey and avoid predators.

The flashlight’s ability to create light is caused by torch-like organs under its eyes containing bioluminescent bacteria, which the fish can turn on and off by blinking.

Come along this half term to see what lies in the deep…

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