Residents make the most of hot spell!

Residents at Tynemouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium have been making the most of the recent spell of hot weather.

The mini-heatwave has been particularly welcomed by the North Tyneside attraction’s resident reptiles; especially Misty the bearded dragon and Reg the giant green iguana who have both gone outside to bask in the sun.

Other beneficiaries are the aquarium’s resident miniature monkeys who have been provided with their own tutti frutti alcohol-free frozen cocktails along with the aquarium’s rescued chickens who also got to sample the icy treats.

Blue Reef Anna Etchells said: “The hot weather has been a great excuse for all of us to spend as much time as we can outside.

“It’s great to see the expression on people’s faces when they see us taking the reptiles for a walk on the grass and we have even been able to do some of our rockpool encounters outside to make the most of the good weather,” she added.

One of the unexpected effects of the recent hot weather has been an algal bloom in the aquarium’s outdoor Seal Cove.

The level of algae has forced aquarists to drain the pools and get to work scrubbing the internal walls and windows.

“We were initially a bit concerned how the seals and sea lions would react to us draining their pools, however we needn’t have worried as they seem to have assumed it’s all part of some new game we’ve devised for them and they spend most of their time sliding along the bottom of the pools or jumping in and out of the puddles!” said Anna.

“Although it’s an inconvenience it has provided visitors with a novel new view of the seals and sea lions and certainly illustrates how much better sea lions are at walking on land compared to the seals,” she added.

Issued by Blue Reef Aquarium. For more information and to arrange interview and picture or filming opportunities please contact Anne Etchells on 0191 258 1031.

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