Seal Cove Clean

Customer Notice

Seal Cove will be closed for draining and cleaning from Monday 18th March to Sunday 24th March.

In this time we will have no seal shows.


Twice a year we drain our seal pool and give it a good clean out.

As the water in the seal pool is natural sea water, straight from the north sea, it does provide a great place for algae to grow. Lots of sunshine can cause an algae bloom which can make the pool look a little green. As much as our seals love this it can make them slightly harder to spot.

So every Spring and Autumn our pool gets a deep clean to keep it looking great!

The pool is drained and then pressure washed to remove the algae. This gives us a chance to check the tank is in perfect condition as well as giving the seals any treatment they may need.

The seals stay in the drained pool throughout the cleaning process. Seals spend a lot of their time on land, so are more than happy to spend a few days chilling on the bottom. This especially appeals to Sofus, our resident lazy seal, who enjoys doing very little whilst still getting his fill of fish.

Our seals are very curious and like to see what is going on whilst getting in the way as much as they can!

The clean takes around 6 days, in this time we have no seal shows, but you can still see them getting fed and relaxing in their enclosure.


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