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5 Ways You Can Help the Conservation of Tynemouth’s Shoreline

The underwater world is a fascinating place, alive with thousands of sea creatures and plant life, both weird and wonderful. In Tynemouth, we’re blessed with the best of both worlds: historical landmarks and the North Sea coastline. Have you ever stopped to think just how vast the ocean is, though? Water takes up a massive […]

5 Amazing Features of Sharks

Known to have a fierce reputation, sharks are one of the most fascinating species to swim in our oceans. We may all have been subject to a specific opinion after watching films such as Jaws, but these underwater giants have much more to offer. Here are five amazing features that make them one of the […]

10 Amazing Sea Creatures from Around the World

Our oceans are full of fascinating creatures and we’re still discovering incredible facts about them every day. We’ve listed some of our favourite creatures below and have added some dazzling facts – we bet you didn’t already know them all! Cownose Rays Differentiated from other ray species due to their unique snout-like groves and high-domed […]

Baby Monkeys at Blue Reef Tynemouth

We have welcomed two new faces. The baby Marmosets were born at the aquarium and can now be seen in the monkey enclosure. The babies were born earlier this month and have settled into their new environment. These cute new twins are smaller then your hand and are slowly developing their own personalities. Unlike other monkeys, […]


  The first of a quartet of Little Snowdogs is making itself at home after arriving at Tynemouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium.   The miniature sculpture is part of the Great North Snowdogs Trail, which officially starts on Monday, September 19th, and features more than 60 full size Snowdog statues dotted around the North East.   […]

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