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Weird and Wonderful Fish You’ve Never Heard Of

From the renowned Goldfish to the iconic Carp, we’ve all heard of the fishy classics. But what about the extraordinary species that aren’t so common? Here’s a few of our favourite weird and wonderful fish you won’t believe really exist.


Although dashing from afar, it’s their human-like teeth that make Triggerfish one of our weird and wonderful favourites. This colourful lass uses her tough set of gnashers and small jaw to take on sea urchins and other smaller fish hanging about the reef.  She may look a beauty with her striking lines and spots, but Triggerfish are notoriously bad-tempered. 

Tassled Scorpionfish

The Tassled Scorpionfish is a carnivorous fish that lives in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. You might not be able to spot him because he’s extremely well-camouflaged. This clever chap changes colour to blend in with his surroundings and his long tassels hide his fishy outline. Armed with venomous spines, the Tassled Scorpionfish likes to swim in shallow waters so beware, you won’t want to put your toes anywhere near!


You can’t miss the wonderful brown and white stripes as a lionfish floats gently through the water. This graceful lady might look soft and gentle, but watch out.  Her long tentacles come complete with a set of venomous spines, perfect for warning off predators and capturing her next delicious meal. And Lionfish don’t hold back when it comes to dinner time either. They swallow their shrimp and smaller fish whole and their stomachs can expand by up to 30 times after a tasty feast. Impressive, huh?

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

On your first look, the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse might not seem unusual, but there’s much more than what meets the eye. This astonishing fish has a unique ability you won’t believe. From time to time, the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse changes its gender, going from female to male or back again!

Halitrephes Maasi Jellyfish

If you come across the Halitrephes Maasi Jellyfish down in the deep blue ocean, you definitely won’t miss it. These beautiful creatures have been described as ‘underwater fireworks’, and it’s easy to see why. As juicy nutrients move through their bodies, they reflect the light and reveal brilliant flashes of yellow and pink. Pretty spectacular, right?


With vibrant scales and a beak-shaped nose, it’s obvious where Parrotfish get their name from. But what causes their parrot-like face? It’s all down to their teeth. A large number of teeth are tightly packed onto the outside of their jaw and this creates the beak-shaped point. Want to see one out in the wild? You can catch these eye-catching creatures swimming in shallow tropical waters. 

Psychedelic Frogfish

Hidden deep down amongst the coral, you could easily mistake the Psychedelic Frogfish for an underwater alien. With it’s swirling pattern and yellow-toned skin, this camouflaged fella uses his fins to push himself off the ocean floor and literally ‘hop’ along.  
From lionfish and clownfish to anemones and eels, get up close to the weird and wonderful creatures at Portsmouth Aquarium! Get your tickets here. 

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