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Claws Week 25th May – 2nd June 2019

Claws Week 25th May – 2nd June 2019

Join in the fun at Blue Reef Aquarium for Claws Week during May half term! From comical Hermit Crabs to fiery Shrimp, Claws Week offers fascinating insight into the incredible world of Crustaceans. Pinch a Crustacean Quiz and enter our prize draw, or Meet the Moults in our Crustacean Workshops and join in our Crab Encounters to discover all about these amazing armour-plated creatures!
Claws Week: Daily Talks
10:30am – Crab Encounter
11:00am – Meet The Moults
12:00pm – Ray Talk
12:30pm – Hermit Crab Talk
1:00pm – Crab Encounter
2:00pm – Short Clawed Otter Talk and Feed
2:30pm – Hermit Crab Talk
3:00pm – Meet The Moults
4:00pm – Shark Talk
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