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Monsters Week 20th – 28th October

Daily Talks & Activities

Come face to face with some of the fiercest underwater animals this October half term for MONSTERS WEEK! You’ll learn all about the grisly residents of our oceans and debunk myths about those that just have a bad reputation. Get stuck into the fun with competitions, quizzes, workshops, and more!
11:00am – Mini Monsters Rockpool
Time to meet the mini-monsters living in your local rockpools. You’ll get up-close to creatures like crabs and starfish. Ever seen a spider crab? Now you will! They may look like monsters, but you’ll learn that they’re actually just gentle giants of the sea. You’ll also get to meet the cuties of the oceans, some of which are even deadlier than the scary-looking ones!
12:00 – Mates Not Monsters
Nevermind what you might see in films, rays and sharks aren’t as deadly or as ferocious as you might think. Learn some jawsome facts at this fun, family-friendly talk and see just how super-cool these creatures are. They definitely deserve our respect and friendship, not our fear!
13:00 – Make Your Own Monster Muck!
Are you ready to get hands-on and a little mucky? This fun workshop is great for all ages as you’ll learn how to make non-toxic, environmentally friendly muck (a bit like slime). You’ll have the slime of your life, so it might be worth bringing a change of clothes, just in case the slime-making gets a little crazy.
14:00 – Otter Talk & Feed
Come and meet the furry otters at their daily feed and spotlight talk. They may look cute, but they can be quite the little beasties! People often forget these mini-monsters are actually wild animals despite their adorable appearance.
15:00 – Mini Monsters Rockpool
Don’t miss out on meeting your local rockpool monsters.
16:00 – Make Your Own Monster Muck!
Another chance to get your slime on!
Don’t miss out on this scarily fun MONSTERS WEEK this October, because it will be full of more treats than tricks!
Spooky Savings
Buy your tickets for half-term in advance between 17 and 19 October, and kids go for just one pound. Kids for a Squid tickets are valid for visits between 20 to 28 October.
You can get your fins on them here.
Plus it’s 20% off on tickets bought throughout half-term. Buy your tickets online and visit between 20 and 28 October and you’ll receive 20% off!
Grab those tickets now and have a wave of a time!

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