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Jurassic Shark: A Timeline of Shark History

Sharks have swum in the oceans for almost 450 million years – they’re among some of Earth’s oldest lifeforms, outlasting almost any other creature that ever lived. That’s not all: they have also lived through every major mass-extinction event and have survived long past many of their competitors. To put that into perspective, the ancestry of sharks dates back more than 200 million years before the earliest known dinosaur, making their evolution one of nature’s most enduring success stories.
Join us and learn more about how these big fish (that weren’t always so big) have come to evolve into the apex predators we now know them as today. Take a look at our timeline of shark evolution to trace the history of these marine miracles.

Meet a Shark Today!

At Blue Reef Portsmouth, we’re home to creatures like stringrays, piranhas, and – you guessed it – sharks! So book your tickets today for a chance to come face-and-fin with some jaws-ome sharks!

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