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Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth displays a wonderful Banana Eel!

Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium has a new, young Banana eel on display for visitors to see. The Banana eel (Gymnothorax miliaris) arrived at just 20cm long and underweight but has since been cared for by the Portsmouth aquarist team to bring it up to health and has now grown to around 40cm. What makes this … Continued

Weird and Wonderful Fish You’ve Never Heard Of

From the renowned Goldfish to the iconic Carp, we’ve all heard of the fishy classics. But what about the extraordinary species that aren’t so common? Here’s a few of our favourite weird and wonderful fish you won’t believe really exist. Triggerfish Although dashing from afar, it’s their human-like teeth that make Triggerfish one of our … Continued

6 of the Scariest Sea Predators

All around the world, the seas are filled with fascinating creatures of every colour, shape, and size, and you can find them everywhere from shallow waters all the way to the Mariana Trench. With such a diverse range of marine creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s some creepy crawlies and truly spine-tingling predators lurking in … Continued

7 Amazing Sharks You’ve Never Heard Of

Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun dun dun DUNNN! Recognise that theme tune? Of course you do! Along with the likes of Bruce and Lenny, the underwater giant from Jaws represents one of the most famous sharks: the great white. Along with the great white and the likes of the hammerhead and the whale shark, … Continued

Jurassic Shark: A Timeline of Shark History

Sharks have swum in the oceans for almost 450 million years – they’re among some of Earth’s oldest lifeforms, outlasting almost any other creature that ever lived. That’s not all: they have also lived through every major mass-extinction event and have survived long past many of their competitors. To put that into perspective, the ancestry … Continued

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sharks

Sharks are known as fierce predators, but there is much more to these fascinating creatures than that stereotype – which, actually, is largely exaggerated. Here at Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth we have sharks for you to marvel out so get clued up on these beautiful creatures, ready for your next visit! They Can Live For … Continued

Are Sharks Endangered? Answers to Your Questions About Sharks

Are sharks endangered? How many species are there? How do sharks hear? Are sharks mammals? If you’ve always wanted to know more about these fascinating marine animals, here’s a little helping hand. Impress your friends and family with your knowledge of these (often misunderstood) underwater creatures – these are the 10 most commonly asked questions … Continued

Top 7 Most Poisonous Water-Dwelling Creatures

There’s no two ways about it: our planet is a dangerous place. In order to survive in hostile habitats, some marine creatures have developed defence mechanisms that are much more direct and deadly than paws and claws. So next time you’re frightened of a tiny house spider, remember that there are far scarier things at … Continued

5 Otterly Amazing Facts About Otters

With their adorable looks and their playful natures, it’s easy to see why everyone loves otters. But how much do you actually know about these wonderful aquatic mammals? Read on for five amazing facts about otters.   They Hold Hands When Sleeping Adorable pictures aside, there is a good reason why sea otters hold hands … Continued


Tropical sharks at Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium are being given their own pilots. The pilot fish – known as golden trevally – get their common name from their tendency to swim in the slipstream of larger predators; like sharks in order to avoid being hunted by other fish. Initially the shoal of a dozen trevally … Continued

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