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5 School Trip Ideas to Inspire and Educate

Your teaching may need a little extra ‘something’ from time to time, because sometimes, reading from a textbook just doesn’t cut it – no matter how much energy and enthusiasm you put into it. Taking your pupils out of the classroom is a great way to teach them more about the important fundamentals in science, technology, health and safety, wildlife, and more.

Here are five fun and educational school trip ideas to help you plan your next outing.

1. A TV Station

Everyone watches the telly, but not everyone knows what goes into producing their favourite shows – especially young children. So why not take your pupils to a TV station to find out?

They can get a firsthand look at talk-show sets, chat to the weatherman, and check out the equipment used to get the local news on air. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet a TV personality or two! Some stations will even put the kids on the news just for dropping by, so if you have a budding actor or actress in your class, this is the perfect school trip.

2. A Library

This may sound a little boring, but the system that keeps a library up and running is worthy of a visit for kids. Taking your pupils to a library will not only allow them to develop a deeper appreciation for books, but they will also get to learn about…

  • The catalog system the library employs to keep track of the items
  • How publications are entered into the system so readers can start checking them out using the borrowing-and-returning system
  • How these entries are organised in a maze stacked full of books and magazines

… and just generally how librarians operate the library.

3. A Fire Station

It’s fairly uncommon that a fire station is so busy that it can’t squeeze in a visit for you and your class! Plus, firefighters are always happy to show children the fire engines, turn on the sirens, and educate your pupils on fire hazards and how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

One of the most valuable lessons your pupils will learn from a daytrip to a fire station is how a firefighter looks like in all their gear, complete with the mask. Because seeing a fireman dressed up can be quite intimidating (especially when there is actually a fire), it’s good to teach the kids that they don’t have to be scared.

4. A Farm

A visit to a farm is always a crowd-pleaser – it’s a brilliant idea because there are so many types of farms to choose from; you can bring your pupils to a dairy farm to meet the cows one week, and then the next week you can show them how fruits and vegetables are grown and processed at a crop farm.

Not to mention that the kids will gain an appreciation for where their food and daily resources come from and will foster a better understanding about caring for animals and the environment too – it’s a no-brainer!

5. An Aquarium

Many aquariums welcome kids on a tour to show them how the aquarium works and give them a bit of insight into life in the deep sea.

Did you know that we welcome more than 40,000 school kids to Blue Reef Portsmouth each year? On a school trip with us, your pupils will go on a journey to explore the British coast, the underwater gardens of the Mediterranean, and the breathtaking coral reef!

For more information on organising a guided tour for your class, take a look at the official school trip page on our website. If you wish to book a tour, give call us today on 02392 875 222 or email us if that’s easier for you. We look forward to showing you around!

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