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Amazing Creatures to Look Out For in Rockpools

Rockpooling is a very traditional British seaside activity. Investigating the cracks and pools in the rocks to discover a fascinating, secret world of sea life has delighted children and grownups alike for generations.

Enjoy the pools, but be careful with the delicate animals you find. Always return them gently to where they were found to ensure the survival of these beautiful creatures and their habitat.
The best rockpooling can be found on sheltered rocky shores during the springtime, but here at Blue Reef Portsmouth you can explore our rockpools all year round plus you are guaranteed to meet the intriguing little creatures who live here including:


  1. Starfish have no brains
  2. On average a starfish can live for 35 years
  3. Starfish can regrow lost limbs, albeit very slowly!



  1. Anemones are named after the anemone flower
  2. Anemones are genetically similar to jellyfish and coral
  3. The lifespan of an anemone can be as long as 50 years!



  1. Crabs walk and swim sideways
  2. The average lifespan of a crab is 3 years, but some have been known to live for 20 years
  3. The first known crabs lived 200 million years ago!

Blenny fish

  1. Blennies are small, eel-like small fish
  2. The whiskers of a blenny are called cirri
  3. Blennies are often kept as pets because their fun personalities make them entertaining to watch

Sea urchins

  1. A sea urchin has sharp teeth that are strong enough to drill a hole in rock
  2. Despite the spikes, the sea urchin still has many predators such as sea birds, fish, crabs and starfish
  3. Sea urchins can live up to 30 years


Rockpool Encounters at Blue Reef Portsmouth

Learn the secrets of the rockpools and get up close with all of these quirky inhabitants and more at our daily interactive rockpool encounters. 
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