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Exploring the Anatomy of a Stingray

From their fins and stingers to their eyes and mouth, we’ll take a closer look at the unique physique of the stingray to see how they function underwater. We’ll also share some facts and stats about these incredible creatures of the deep.

What is an Axolotl and Why Are They Endangered?

In this guide, we’ll be filling you in on the remarkable axolotl, from its amazing genetics to where it’s found in the wild. We’ll also be taking a look at why its numbers are in such sharp decline, and what impact its disappearance could have for us all.

5 School Trip Ideas to Inspire and Educate

Your teaching may need a little extra ‘something’ from time to time, because sometimes, reading from a textbook just doesn’t cut it – no matter how much energy and enthusiasm you put into it. Taking your pupils out of the classroom is a great way to teach them more about the important fundamentals in science, … Continued

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