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Giant Pacific octopus at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium PIC Melissa Hallam (2400x1918) Giant Pacific octopus close up at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium PIC Melissa Hallam (2500x1455)
Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium is holding a series of special events and activities to celebrate World Octopus Day on Saturday, October 8th.
This year’s event will be the 10th annual international celebration of the amazing octopus as well as other members of the cephalopod family.
The aquarium has organised a programme of talks, feeding demonstrations, and activities throughout the weekend.
Star of the show will be the aquarium’s giant Pacific octopus in its new purpose-built display.
Themed as a rusting shipwreck, the display features underwater pipes and acrylic tubing which the octopus can explore and rest in alongside shaded recesses and a variety of different textures – all designed to provide mental stimulation for the giant cephalopod.
The new enclosure also includes a number of different background colours and textures which the octopus can mimic to camouflage herself.
Giant Pacific octopuses are the world’s largest species and are found from Japan to Southern California. The biggest recorded specimen had an arm span of 10 metres (33ft) and weighed 270kgs (600lbs).
As well as being the largest, the giant Pacific is among the cleverest members of the cephalopod family. Individuals living in aquariums have been filmed solving puzzles and even sneaking out at night to raid nearby fish-filled displays.
They mature incredibly quickly – going from the size of a rice grain at birth to being fully grown within the space of just two years.
Blue Reef will also be highlighting other members of the cephalopod family, several of which are on display at the aquarium
Cephalopods range in size from the tiny 5cm long Sepiola to the monstrous Architeuthis dux, or giant squid, which can reach 18 metres in length and has the largest eye in the animal kingdom –the size of a small car tyre!
Issued by Blue Reef. For more information please contact Melissa Hallam on 01637 878134.

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