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The centrepiece of our aquarium, our spectacular ocean tunnel. 

Giving a unique close up look at all our amazing creatures, you’ll be able to walk safely through the underwater world we’ve created.

Find yourself immersed in the underwater world, and the habitats these creatures call home, all without getting wet!

You’ll see our beautiful living coral reef full of surprises, and spot hundreds of different species of ocean dwelling animals.

See if you can spot angelfish, pufferfish and hundreds of other exotic creatures. Not to mention our big sharks, rays, moray eels and even the venomous pufferfish. 

Not to be missed on your visit to Blue Reef Aquarium!

Current Water Temp

21 – 28 / 53 – 82

Water Type


Climate / Biome


In This Exhibit

1 exhibit with 24+ species

Where are we?

Tropical seas across the World!

In This Exhibit

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Check out what’s growing in our nursery tanks – we have lots of successful captive breeding programmes at Blue Reef Aquarium!

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