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Keep your distance from Thor the Walrus

People have been warned to stay well back after a Walrus was spotted chilling on a UK beach. The huge creature – nicknamed Thor – was discovered in Calshot, Hampshire, during the early hours yesterday (Sunday 11 December), prompting crowds to gather to get a look at the animal. However, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) … Continued

Things to Do in Portsmouth: 10 Family Activities for This Summer

Portsmouth may be one of the smallest cities in England, but it’s got one of the richest and most fascinating histories. These are the sorts of places that make for an exciting and educational day out for all the family – with sights and attractions for all tastes. With that in mind, here’s our list … Continued

Amazing Creatures to Look Out For in Rockpools

Rockpooling is a very traditional British seaside activity. Investigating the cracks and pools in the rocks to discover a fascinating, secret world of sea life has delighted children and grownups alike for generations. Enjoy the pools, but be careful with the delicate animals you find. Always return them gently to where they were found to … Continued

7 species of ocean life you won’t believe you can find in the UK

If you’re planning on dipping your toes in the water at the English seaside this summer, you might be surprised who (or, rather, what) you’re sharing the seawater with. Because our local oceans are more alive with exotic, unusual and exciting creatures than you can shake a David Attenborough documentary at. From the fastest whales … Continued

Beautiful sea creatures and where to find them in the UK

You might be able to get a good look at the seahorses and rays that are swimming around at Portsmouth Aquarium, but did you know that you can also find these unusual marine creatures, and many more besides, along the coast and seas of the UK? Read on to discover more about the incredible creatures … Continued

D-Day 75 Commemorations in Southsea

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Portsmouth City Council will be hosting a wide variety of events from the 5th – 9th June. These events will include live music, Red Arrow flying displays, open air cinema, and Remembrance services. For the full D-Day 75 programme click here. Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth is excited … Continued

5 Places to Spot Wild Otters in the UK

Few animals among Britain’s native wildlife are as endearing as otters. Following a period of serious decline between the 1950s and 1970s when the species was driven to near extinction in some areas, these water-dwelling mammals have made a comeback in every county in England and beyond. Keep reading to find some of the best … Continued

Autumn in Portsmouth: What’s On?

Summer may be over, but, that doesn’t mean the fun stops there! The coming Autumn months in Portsmouth are jam-packed with entertainment, culture, and good old Pompey tradition. Whether you’re pumpkin-carving or sparkler-twirling, there’s something for everyone to get involved in over the next few months. Take a look at what you could be up … Continued

7 Fish That Live on Portsmouth’s Shores

Portsmouth is one of the most popular seaside towns in the country, fact! But did you know that our shores are heaving with coastal creatures that you may or may not have seen or even heard of? That’s right. Thanks to our convenient location on the shores of Port Solent and a large harbour, we … Continued

Rockpooling: What Creatures Will You Find?

Throughout the summer, the beaches surrounding Portsmouth can offer hours of entertainment for families, whether they are tourists or locals. From sandcastle-building to paddling and sunbathing, a summer’s day at the beach can entail all sorts of fun. One of the most enjoyable, family-friendly, and educational activities the beach can offer is rockpooling. From toddlers … Continued

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