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platapus 2 ocean inside tank
Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium is playing host to some unexpected new arrivals in the shape of a host augmented reality Pokemon Go characters.
Staff at the Towan Promenade wildlife attraction noticed an increase in visitors and passers-by using their smartphones in and around the aquarium.
They enlisted the expertise of a younger member of the team who confirmed the aquarium was now home to a host of different, aquatic themed Pokemon characters.
“We have been amazed at the level of interest and enthusiasm surrounding Pokemon Go and the release of the new app in the UK,” said Blue Reef’s Melissa Hallam.
“Most of us didn’t really have any idea what was going on so we downloaded the app on my phone and discovered there are at least five characters making themselves at home in and around the aquarium!” she added.
Among the characters which have so far been spotted are Tentacool, who was caught floating above the main ocean display, Eevee in the underwater tunnel and Zubat and Psyduck just outside.
The aquarium also has its own Pokestop.
Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game on smartphones. Players move around the real world in search of hundreds of virtual monster characters.
Pokemon first became popular in the 1990s when they appeared on the Nintendo Game Boy.
In the latest versions, which is already proving to be a global phenomenon, players can visit Pokestops – typically landmarks or buildings – and collect free items in the game.
The main aim is to catch Pokemon, which pop up along the way. The game provides an augmented reality experience, using the smartphone’s camera to provide a live view of the world, with Pokemon superimposed.
Any creatures caught can be used in battle against other players at Pokemon gyms.
Issued by Blue Reef. For more information and to arrange interviews and picture opportunities please contact Melissa Hallam or Lara Mingay on 01637 878134.

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